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Recovering Trailer from Become Films on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for our documentary film, “Recovering.” The film follows wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans attempting to recover from the mental and physical traumas of war through the simple act of bicycling.

Currently in post-production, the film is expected for release in 2014. For more on “Recovering,” visit To make a donation to this film, click the red SUPPORT US tab above. Thank you for your support! This film would not happen without it.

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Please consider a donation to ‘Recovering’

It’s been a long, long trek and our vision for a documentary film about veterans healing their wounds through road cycling is coming to fruition. 

The film has been almost entirely funded by small donors — mainly individuals who care deeply about helping to bring attention to the issues faced by veterans, such as post-traumatic stress and brain injuries. 

All the footage for the film has been shot. We’re now in the post-production phase and need ongoing support to complete the film at a professional quality. We want the best editing. We want high-quality, color-balanced imagery. We want excellent sound quality. We want a soundtrack that’s inspiring. In short, we want nothing less than the best for the vets who are featured in this film. 

To do that, we need money.

And that means we need your help in the form of a donation. Please help this film now by going to the red “Support Us” tab above, clicking on it and selecting an amount to donate to the film. Tell everyone in your network what you have done and encourage them to do the same to help this small film with a big message.

Recovering will be released in 2014. 

We thank you for your help! And we thank the veterans for their service.

-Become Films